Radius by Tephra Labs is onboarding the next billion people into web3.

Tephra Labs builds technology to enable large-scale human coordination and address humanity’s most important challenges and opportunities.

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The future of work is


We believe the future of work looks like independent workers and teams choosing what they want to work on, when they work, and who they work with. Work on meaningful projects that inspire you, teach you the skills you want to learn, and enable you to work with the people and ecosystems you want to learn from. The 21st century is about enabling greater choice and autonomy in every way – we lean into that ethos and apply it practically to modern models of work.


Unlike the Googles of the world, web3 ecosystems scale horizontally, not vertically. Hiring is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every need. Decentralized talent networks enable organizations and workers to find each other more efficiently than ever before. Radius’ decentralized protocols for skills development and reputation tracking reduce the overhead of finding the perfect fit between worker and work opportunity.


Radius enables user ownership in a couple of ways. By working on web3 projects, workers earn payment at least partially in crypto assets, enabling them to become owners and stewards of the ecosystems they are helping to build and exposing them to the potential equity-like upside if these networks do well. In addition, the Radius network will become progressively more decentralized and user-governed, making it a network built for users, by users.

Radius Contributors

We are a fully distributed team that is deeply passionate about facilitating a revolution in how people work. We also dogfood our principles and products – many of our teammates are independent workers and teams, all united by our common mission and goals.

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    Pooja Shah

    Founder & CEO

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    Isabel Chi


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    Nat Griffen


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    Brian Hoffstein

    Community Steward

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    Jeff Lowe

    Product & Project Manager

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    Nick Theis


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    Mike Ham


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    John Miller

    Fullstack Engineer

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    Adam Murray


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    Justin Ma

    Product Designer

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    Aaron Murray

    Product & Architecture

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    Max Gaied


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